Dinosaurs Fish Still Alive, The History of Arowana Fish

History of Arowana Fish - It is no longer a secret that Arowana Fish is a type of freshwater predatory ornamental fish that can reach prices of hundreds of millions or even billions. This fish has a very beautiful shape. So do not be surprised if this fish is a type of ornamental fish that is much favored by ornamental fish enthusiasts. But only a few know about the history and origin of this arowana fish. For that on this occasion we will share it with you. That way we can find out the complete history of arowana fish so that you are more considerate of keeping it or if it has been kept to be extra care for it because it is one of the endangered species of ancient animals.

In the mid-19th century, experts not only found traces of arowana fossils, but also live arowanas. Scientists known as Muller and German Schlegel discovered the arowana fish in 1845, then they named the beautiful fish Osteoglossum formosum. In 1913 their findings were included in the genus Scleropages and species formosus by two Dutch zoologists Max Weber and L.F de Beaufort.

The type of arowana found in Indonesia is the green arowana (Green Arowana), which is widely found in Kalimantan, including the Melawai River and the Mensiku River. The main characteristic is the green color on the tail. However, this green color is often not visible because it is covered in red. Only in adults, the green color is more visible. This green arowana habitat is river water whose color is not so clean. There are two other types of arowana that also live in Indonesia, namely in Papua, but the population is not very large.

In 1864 scientists from Queen Elizabeth's country named Albert Ghunter discovered another type of arowana, and it was named scleropages leichardti (Australian Arowana). Japanese scientist Kanazawa discovered arowana style Osteoglossum ferreirai (Black Arowana) in Brazilian waters.

People around who have long lived in the arowana fish habitat area have known this fish for a long time. They named it with very various names, such as Tangkelese (Jambi), Siluk (Kalimantan), Piracucu (Brazil) and Kelesa (Riau). Not long after several discoveries, arowana fish finally became popular overseas and even collectors were willing to spend a lot of money to get the type of arowana fish they wanted, one example of the most expensive arowana is the Super Red Arowana, the Silver Albino Arowana. Here are more than one example of arowana fish species originating from around the world:

Super Red Arowana Arowana Red Tail Golden Silver Arowana Albino Silver Arowana Arowana Papua / Jardini Arowana Banjar African Arowana Arowana Golden Pino
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